Ina May Gaskin said:

“I quickly learned that it is inexcusable behaviour to frighten or bother a labouring female. I also learned how easy it is to unintentionally cause complications in birth in this way.”
    Womens’ experiences of birth vary greatly - it ranges from powerful, life-changing and spiritual, to frightening, excruciatingly painful and traumatic. Why is this? How can the physiological process of birth work brilliantly well in one setting, and stall or fail completely in another? Why is it that even the women who opt for a natural birth and prepare for this birth experience often end up with a c-section due to 'failure to progress'? We look at a variety of obvious and practical factors that are too often overlooked in a birth setting.

    Can you prepare for the best birth possible? Let's find out.

Welcome to Sensible Birth

Hi, I am Cozette Laubser

Childbirth Educator (Dip CBEd), Paramana Doula, Advanced BabyGym Instructor, Play Learn Grow (Birth to 3) Facilitator

    My curiosity about the birthing body lead me to various local and international natural childbirth experts whom I continue to learn from. My Doula journey started with Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers at their Doula Course in Highgate, London and I qualified as a Childbirth Educator from Childbirth International soon thereafter. Other authors who continue to shape my view of birth include: Dr Melodie de Jager, Grantly Dick-Read, Ina May Gaskin, and Penny Simkin.



The Birthing Mother and Baby - A Flawless Design

Topics include:

• The Neo-Cortex (Thinking Brain) - friend or foe in birth?

• How the place of birth can help or hinder the birth process

• The powerful cocktail of birthing hormones and under what conditions they work best

• Active birth and its myriad of benefits

• Fear of birth and the fear-tension-pain cycle

• The Fetus Ejection Reflex

• The Sphincter Law

• Exploring the uterus - the largest and strongest muscle in the female body

• Baby's due date - is it an expected date of arrival or an expiry date?

• The wonderful world of microbes

• The World Health Organisation's (WHO) view on Cesarean Sections.
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  • Chantal Munnik
    “WOW, what a talk! It is amazing how the body works. Thank you Cozette, for sharing your knowledge with us. I feel equipped to make an informed decision about birth. I am so glad I watched this!”
    Chantal Munnik
  • Caryn Kemp
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for your talk this morning. I learnt so much and am feeling much more equipped to deal with the upcoming birth of my first baby! You are inspirational!
    Caryn Kemp
  • Carla Tenzer
    My husband and I attended the talk today and really enjoyed your presentation, style and passion.  Thank you for excellent content!
    Carla Tenzer
  • Kathryn Nish
    I can’t thank you enough for last night’s talk. Even though it was the second time I attended, I learnt more new stuff! Most importantly you helped reframe what a natural birth is all about for the two most important people in my life. My mom and hubby now see why I want a natural birth and will support me. Thank you!!! So appreciate the new and exciting conversations we can now have.
    Kathryn Nish
  • Monique Pieterse
    Thank you for the talk Cozette, it was such a lovely evening. I found the information very informative, interesting and well presented. You clearly have a passion for the topic and an exceptional talent for talking about birth. All expectant parents should attend this talk.
    Monique Pieterse
  • Angie Morris
    Your talk was incredible, I have always been told to be scared of birth. The emphasis has always been around the pain rather than the experience. However your talk left me feeling empowered and excited for giving birth to my little one next year. Thank you for so graciously taking the time to share your knowledge.
    Angie Morris
  • Pam McLeod
    Thank you for the talk - I found it really fascinating and it's opened my eyes to a lot of aspects my husband and I had never even considered! Lots of food for thought about how we want to go into labor and give birth to our son. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a quest for knowledge or seeking empowerment around the birth of their baby.
    Pam McLeod
  • Kathryn Nish
    Incredible talk, packed with information, yet it allows the simplicity of the basics to shine through. So simple and beautiful. Learnt so much!
    Kathryn Nish
  • Corinne Wessels, attended before pregnancy
    The Sensible Birth 1 day workshop is a must for all women, young and old, to know and understand how amazingly and wonderfully you are made. Thank you Cozette, for sharing and expressing your passion and wisdom! You have broadened my mind about natural birthing. You have taught me so many things - a wave not a contraction, the value of the golden hour after birth, what happens to the pelvis and cervix, and so much more. You have added so much value to my future birthing experience and I’m so grateful for that!
    Corinne Wessels, attended before pregnancy
  • Heska Prins, Mamma van twee
    Ek was so bevoorreg om Sensible Birth se heel eerste, baie suksesvolle werkswinkel by te woon. Wát n ervaring! Ons het ongelooflik baie geleer oor ons eie lywe; die geboorte proses; hoe mens te werk moet gaan om n geboorte plan op die been te kry; dat die hormoon oksitosien jou beste vriend is tydens geboorte; hoe wonderlik God ons liggame geskape het en dat elke liewe dingetjie n funksie het, tot elke kontraksie (wat ek in my vorige geboorte amper weggewens het) wat tot voordeel is vir baba; en nog baie meer. Baie dankie Cozette Laubser jou passie oor die onderwerp is werklikwaar aansteeklik! Mag hierdie program nog menigde dames se lewens verryk soos dit myne het!
    Heska Prins, Mamma van twee